Corporate Fitness & Wellness Retreats

We also offer Meditation, LifeBreath and Yoga certification programs

Personal Training

Stay motivated, and get results! Our trainers are certified and educated to deliver and educate you by helping you achieve a better lifestyle.  Get educated in your personal fitness and / or your Yoga practice along with nutritional guidance that'll make a lifestyle change forever. 
Call or stop by to get more information at the front desk.  Packages are priced in 5, 10 or 20 packs. 
Train with a friend and save more.

Reformer Training

Training with a certified Pilates teacher is not only a great investment in yourself, but it can change your life in so many ways.   The reformer is an apparatus that will give you a total body workout.  And so, by learning anatomical alignment along with muscle control and core stability.  The reformer teaches us how our core is the center of gravity and our life force.  The reformer gives your body a great workout, lean long sculpted muscles, and especially a strong core.  Best way to train is with a friend, call for priced packages.
Packages are sold in 5 to 10 training sessions at a time, packages vary.  Call for more information at the front desk.